Jason Whitman

Director of Sales & Marketing / Multi-Family Division

Jason started with Founders Kitchen back in 1996 and literally learned the “ins and outs” of our business from the ground up. He started by working in our warehouse and making jobsite deliveries; however, his drive and desire to learn, provided him with a swift transition into the office. After serving as the Customer Service Manager and a Design Administrator, he went into sales in 2003. That year he received the “Rookie Salesperson of the Year” award and joined the multi-family division. In 2004, he was named the overall “Salesperson of the Year” and in 2006 he was awarded “Employee of the Year”. Jason’s optimism and ability to create and foster professional relationships has made him the top salesperson in our company.

Emily Shannon

Multi-Family Operations Manager

Ezequiel Granados

Multi-Family Service Technician

Jimmy Bellamy

Multi-Family Service Technician

Lorana Jose-Maria

Multi-Family Design Administrator

Manuel Zermeno

Multi-Family Service Technician